TSL working on Double line

TSL working on Double line SR 6.02 – 1

1. Whenever an accident to a train or track or other obstruction takes place on a double line, the traffic may temporarily worked under the following systems:

a. By obtaining ‘line clear’ on electric speaking instruments,
b. By the installation of single line block instruments and SLB demarcating the block section in the wrong direction, if the affected line is likely to remain out of use for a substantial period.

2. On receipt of reliable information in writing that one line is clear, SM, in consultation with SCOR and the SM of the station at the other end of the section shall take steps to introduce TSL working.
3. In case of doubt, Track Safe Certificate shall be obtained by the engineering Official not less than the rank of an Inspector.
4. TSL working shall be introduced between the nearest stations provided with cross-over between Up and Down lines.
5. IBS and C’ class stations shall be kept closed and the commentators of the related block instruments shall be locked in  ‘TOL’ position. Caution Indicator shall be hung on the handle of block instruments in case of Daido instruments.
6. SM proposing TSL working shall issue a message, to the SM at the other end of affected section, containing the following information under exchange of Private Numbers.

a. Cause of introduction of TSL working.
b. The line in which the TSL working is proposed.
c. Source of information that the said line is clear.
d. Place of obstruction.
e. Names of intermediate stations if any, which would be out of use.
f. Assurance that the trap points, if any have been spiked or clamped and padlocked.
g. Assurance that if the train is running on the right line, the last stop signal shall be kept in the ON position. In case the train is running on the wrong line, all fixed signals shall be kept in the ON position; and
h. The number and timings of the last train which arrived or left the block station issuing the message.

7. After exchanging of the above information, line clear shall be obtained through the means of communication.

8. Authority:

   a. Right line – T / D 602
   b. Wrong line – T / D 602 and T / 511 / Pilot out memo.

9. Three parts of T / D 602 are as under:

   a. Line clear ticket;
   b. Authority to pass signals in ON position; and
   c. Caution Order in which the following are mentioned –
      1. Line on which the train is going and place of obstruction,
      2. Speed of the first train shall be 25 km/h subject to observance of other speed restrictions in force,
      3. Warning to observe neutral section for the train going on wrong line in electrified section and clamping           / spiking of trap points if any, and
      4. Other speed restrictions in force.

10. Loco Pilot of the first train shall inform all Gatemen and Gang men on the way about the introduction of TSL working specifying the road on which the trains will run.
11. The Loco Pilot of the train proceeding on the wrong line shall switch ON the flasher light and sound frequently short whistles.
12. Second and subsequent trains may run at their booked speed subject to observance of other speed restrictions in force.
13. When a train is stopped between stations on account of accident, failure, obstruction or other exceptional cause and the Loco Pilot finds that it cannot proceed, it shall be protected as per GR 6.03.
14. Trains proceeding on the wrong line shall stop opposite the first stop signal of the right line or at the lass stop signal of the wrong line whichever comes first. SM shall depute a railway servant with a written authority to stop the train on danger hand signal and thereafter pilot the train into the station.
15. Trains proceeding on the right line shall be received by taking ‘Off’ the approach stop signals.
16. Resumption of normal working:
       a. On receipt of a written certificate from a responsible engineering ‘Official that the obstructed track is          free and safe for passage of trains, SM shall issue a message to the other station / stations under                    exchange of Private Number and in consultation with the SCOR, normal working shall be resumed.
      b. Block instruments and all fixed signals including those of IBH which were treated as closed shall be             brought into use immediately.
     c. An entry shall also be made in the TSR of all stations concerned showing the time of suspension of                double line working, introduction of single line working and resumption of normal working.
    d. Loco Pilot of the first train entering the section after resumption of normal working shall inform all                  Gatemen and Gang men on the way about the resumption of normal working.

17. All the records in connection with the TSL working shall be retained at the station and the TI of the section must scrutinize and submit his report to the DRM within 7 days of the resumption of normal working.

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