Books / documents and basic records to be kept in control office

Books / documents and basic records to be kept in control office.

1. Station working rules of all station.
2. Working facilities available on the transshipment sheds.
3. Schedule of shunting engines in the various yards.
4. Link diagrams of rakes and engine working the passenger services and also of goods trains where laid down.
5. Crew link diagram of the various services, for the running staff.
6. Details of maximum moving dimensions permitted on the various sections of the railway.
7. Map showing the Maximum permissible axle load on all the railways with which traffic is interchanged.
8. Charts showing line capacity of the various sections.
9. Index sections and plans of the various sections of the jurisdiction and details of train watering, engine fueling etc.
10. Master charts depicting all trains indicated in the working time table in force.
11. Charts showing jurisdiction of the various official details of :
a. The maintenance branch of the post and Telegraph department responsible for maintaining control circuit wires in good condition.
b. The various department of the railways,
c. Zone and telephone numbers of Civil, Police, Military authorities.
d. List of various hospitals with Telephone Numbers.
e. List of stations Civil, district-wise.
f. OHE Sectioning diagram.
12. Diagrams showing the layout of line wires of the Control Circuit.
13. Line patrol chart
14. A calendar of returns.
15. Cranes and wagon weigh bridges.
16. Turn tables and Triangles.
17. List of spare coaches based in the divisions as well as slip coaches running on and across the division.
18. List of coaching Rakes allotted to the division and those passing over the division.

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