Registers generally maintained in control

Registers generally maintained in control

1. By the section controller :

a. Sections controller’s diary and charge book.
b. Inward message book.
c. Outward message book
d. Working Order register
e. Weather warning and acknowledgement register
f. Sick wagon register.
g. Yard report register.

h. Stock report register
i. In-coming and out-going trains RD (Running Diary) (other than passenger)
j. Train Advice (T.A. Book)
k. Caution order register.
l. Caution order message book.
m. Morning (6’O clock) position registers.
n. Engine book.
o. Interchange Register.
p. Load register.
q. Incoming and Outgoing passenger Train Running Diary.
r. Points and S&T Failure Register.
s. Important Yard balance Register.
t. Control failure Register
u. Safety circular register
v. Road map register
w. Night order book

2. By the Chief Controller (Movement), (Coaching) / Dy. Chief Controller:

a. Yard Running Balance Register.
b. Dy. Chief Controller’s Diary & Charge Book.
c. Train Advise Book.
d. Bans and Restrictions register
e. Forecast and Acceptance Book.
f. Train Ordering Book.
g. Punctuality Register.
h. Without brake van movement register
i. Accident Register.
j. HQ’s Conference Register.
k. Central control register
l. Emergency control register
m. Goods Train Performance Register
n. FATO register
o. GM’s Unusual Occurrence Register.
p. CTNL (Movement) / (Coaching) / Dy. CTNL’s Order Book.
q. ODC Register.
r. Rajdhani Express (and similar trains) Caution Order Register.
s. Emergency and General Control Office Message Register (Inward)
t. Emergency and General Control Office Message Register (Outward)
u. Engine Book.
v. Interchange Register.

3. By the Power Controller :

a. Power Position Book.
b. Out Station Loco Pilot Register.
c. Power Controller’s Diary
d. Engine Link.
e. Crew Link.
f. Crew Position Register.
g. Register of Movement and Diversion of departmental / Diesel / lube oil Fuel
Tank /Wagons.
h. Register showing undue and Abnormal Detention.
i. Shed Conference Register.
j. Fuel Balance Register.
k. Schedule Dates of Locos.

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