Duty of Panel SM

Duty of  Panel SM

  1.  When on duty or when called upon to do so, in case of emergency, he shall be responsible for obtaining and granting line clear to trains or for shunting movements as per SWR & GR. 
  2.  He shall handle the control panel himself when on duty and shall not permit any unauthorized person to manipulate panel. 
  3.  He shall keep the SM’s control keys of control panel in his personal custody whenever, he is required to leave his office even for a short duration. 
  4.  While coming on duty, he shall ensure that all points and signals are in good working order and all the registers, records, pertaining to train passage are completed in all respect before taking over the charge. 
  5. He shall personally ensure that conditions for taking ‘off’ the reception signals are fulfilled and the clearance of line is verified as per SWRs before actually pressing the relevant button for taking off the signals. 
  6.  He shall ensure from indications available in the panel that the signals are burning 'brightly and are giving correct indications. 
  7.  He shall maintain complete and up to date record of the Engg. Restrictions. He shall be responsible for bringing forward the caution order register every Monday and displaying the restrictions on notice board as well. 
  8.  He shall be responsible for ensuring delivery of proper caution orders to all trains. 
  9.  He shall ensure that all Shunting operations are carried out as per extant orders and GR 5.19 and SRs thereof. 
  10. He shall inform the ESM/MSM in writing or through a written message, any failure of track/signals/ points/keys or panels etc. and shall invariably enter these failures in signal failure register. 
  11. He shall allow shunting in between the arrival/departure of trains or during slack period as frequently as possible to the maximum extent. 
  12.  He shall come on duty after taking complete rest and shall not perform his duty under the influence of drugs, or intoxicants. 
  13.  He shall keep his reference books upto date, posted with latest correction slips and shall keep himself fully conversant with the extant rules. He shall keep his books, readily available for inspection when asked to do so. 
  14. He shall not absent himself from duty without prior permission of his superiors. He shall not leave his duty unless properly relieved by his relief and shall not exchange his duty without prior permission from his superiors.
  15. He shall not consider himself relieved of duty unless he has completed transactions of trains for which he has given/obtained line clear till the complete arrival of such trains. 
  16. He shall always obey the lawful orders of his superiors so long as they do not contravene any of the extant rules in force. 
  17. He shall ensure that proper indications of points, signals, track, circuits, crank handle, level crossing gate etc., are displayed at their proper places. 
  18.  He shall be responsible for issuing required papers to trains entering/leaving the yard under the instructions of log ASM. 
  19.  He shall issue shunting order for shunting operations as per extant rules. 
  20.  He shall keep a watch on the working of shunting staff. 
  21. He shall ensure clearance of running lines in case of failure of their track circuits. 
  22. He shall maintain log book regarding train and shunting movement. 
  23.  He shall be responsible for giving complete arrival of all trains to log ASM supported by a private No. 
  24. In case of abnormal working he shall be responsible for cranking pad locking of points and piloting of trains in absence of Deputy Station Manager/out door.

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