Duty of Points Man/Shunt Man

Duty of Points Man/Shunt Man 
  1.  He shall obey all lawful orders of the ASM on duty or official in-charge supervising the shunting during the course of shunting operations including coupling or uncoupling of vehicles of wagons. Fixing rubber washers, closing wagon doors, displaying hand signals etc.
  2.  He shall exhibit danger signal to the official supervising the shunting should the crossing be fouled during the shunting operation.
  3.  He shall pilot the trains in case of abnormal working and when ordered by the SM on duty. 
  4. He shall be in proper neat and clean uniform while on duty.
  5. He shall come on duty after taking complete rest and shall not perform duty under the influence of liquor, drugs, or intoxicants. 
  6. Neither shall he absent himself from duty nor shall he exchange his duty without prior permission of his superiors. 
  7.  He shall not leave his duty unless properly relieved or authorized by his superiors. 
  8.  He shall set the points properly in non-interlocked yard and man them for all shunting movements and shall not interfere with the points while the vehicles are standing and, or passing over them. 
  9. He shall be responsible to see that fouling marks are kept clear after completion of shunting. 
  10. He shall always commence his duty equipped with hand signal lamps during night and flags during day. 
  11.  He shall verify the correct setting of route before delivering required papers to the loco pilot either through taking 'OFF' the relevant shunt signal or by personal observation. 
  12.  In case of track failure he shall assist the SM to ascertain the clearance of line. 
  13.  He shall be responsible for lighting up of the indicators in the evening and putting out in the morning time fixed by DRM office and ensuring that thse are burn brightly at night. 
  14. He shall be responsible for cleaning and oiling the burners and trimming wicks during day time under the supervision of Station Manger/Deputy Station Manager.

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