Duty of Indoor Station Master / Manager - Block Station Master / Manager

Indoor Station Master / Manager  
Block Station Master / Manager

  1.  He shall handle the block instrument himself when on duty and shall not permit any unauthorized person to manipulate or handle the block panel/block instrument & block telephone. 
  2.  He shall keep the Station Manager’s control keys block instruments in his personal custody whenever, he is required to leave his office even for a short duration. 
  3.  He shall maintain TSR and other connected record/documents in good shape and ensure that all entries are completed and are upto date. 
  4. He shall attend the control and give arrival departure of trains promptly and shall carry out instructions given by superiors provided these do not violate safety rules & procedures. 
  5. He shall inform the ESM/MSM through a written message, any failure of block working etc. and invariably enter these failures in signal failure register. 
  6.  In case of any accident, he shall inform promptly the section control Station Manager/Station Master/ Dy. SM immediately. He shall give all the information available with him in regard to the nature, places, cause and assistance etc. in respect of the accident. 
  7.  He shall communicate reasons for late start of out going trains and late arrival of incoming trains to control. 
  8.  He shall come on duty after taking complete rest and shall not perform his duty under the influence of liquor, drugs, or intoxicants. 
  9.  He shall keep his reference books upto date, posted with latest correction slips and shall keep himself fully conversant with the extant rules. He shall keep his books readily available for inspection when asked to do so. 
  10. He shall not absent himself from duty without prior permission of his superiors. He shall not leave his duty unless properly relieved by his relief and shall not exchange his duty without prior permission from his superiors. 
  11.  He shall not consider himself relieved of duty unless he has completed transactions of trains for which he has given/obtained line clear till the complete arrival of such trains. 
  12. He shall always obey the lawful orders of his superiors so long as they do not contravene any of the extant rules in force. 
  13.  In case of any abnormal working, he shall also perform the duties assigned to Panel SM. 
  14.  He shall advise the descriptions of the train to which he had granted line clear or obtained line clear to panel SM.

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