ODC / ISMD: Over Dimensional Consignment / Loads Infringing Standard

Moving Dimensions: SR 4.28 – 1 to 3.

Loads which infringe standard moving dimensions will not be dispatched without the sanction of the COM (Chief Operations Manager), who will, if necessary obtain the sanction of CRS (Commissioner of Railway Safety) through CE (Chief Engineer).
When Guard wagons are attached due to projections beyond the ends of a wagon, Guard must see that they are not separated from the wagons in which the projected load is placed.
Standard moving dimensions are prescribed to each gauge for safe conveyance of loads so that the load should not come into contact with the fixed structures like Platforms, Signal posts, OHE masts, Bridges and Tunnels etc.
The standard moving dimensions on BG are:

A load can be declared ODC / ISMD depending on its height and width. Any load which exceeds the permissible height / width is called as Over Dimensional Consignment / Infringing Standard Moving Dimensions.
Except under approver special instructions issued by CRS (Commissioner of Railway Safety), no vehicle shall be loaded to exceed standard moving dimensions.

Types: ODC are classified into three types.

ODC Chart:

Precautions for the movement of loads with ODC

1. For the movement of ODC, consignor shall submit the particulars of the consignment like – complete measurement, weight, booking and destination stations, mode of loading and unloading, and sketch of the consignment.
2. Proper sanction will be obtained as per extant rules.
3. Such loads shall be carried only on the specified route.
4. Loco yards, goods sheds, transshipment (TP) sheds and high level platform lines are to be avoided.
5. Passenger trains do not carry these ODC consignments.
6. On D/L section, C class ODC shall not be crossed.
7. Unusual consignments that require specially manufactured rolling stock are dealt with separately.
8. Additional precautions are taken for the movement of ODC in electrified section where the minimum clearance required shall be 100 mm between the contact wire and the consignment.
a. 100 mm to 340 mm – Power ‘Off’ and speed 15 km/h; OHE supervisor shall accompany.
b. 340 mm to 390 mm – Power on and speed 15 km/h; and OHE supervisor shall accompany.
c. More than 390 mm – Power on and speed as per rules for classification of ODC.
9. TI, TXR with fitter and 2 khalasis must accompany 132 ton Broad gauge well wagon (BWL) carried by a special train with 6 Guard wagons on either side.

10. The speed of the special train with BWL wagon will be 30 km/h and it shall not be loose or fly shunted and it must not be booked beyond the Indian Territory.

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