Rules for booking Special Coaches & Special Trains on FTR

Rules for booking Special Coaches & Special Trains on FTR

1. Reservation of special coaches / trains: Application for reservation of carriage must be made through the SM of originating station to the CPTM, giving details of the journey such as destination, route to be followed, halts enroute, and the specific train to which the coach is to be attached at least 30 days in advance and not more than 6 months prior to the commencement of journey.
2. In case any party wishes to requisition a special coach at a short notice of less than 30 days specific permission must be obtained from CPTM.
3. It will be the sole discretion of the Railway Administration to allot a coach / train and programme its movement depending on the availability of coaches, path and other operational considerations.

4. Security deposit cum registration charge:

a) An amount as prescribed from time to time which at present is Rs.10,000/- per coach as Registration Charge-cum-Security Deposit will be payable at the station from where the proposed journey will commence, of this half will be retained as Security Deposit & the balance amount would be adjusted against the fare payable at the time of booking. The security deposit will be refunded by the Station Manager of the originating station on completion of the tour after adjusting any other amount of extra detention etc.
b) The deposit charges for allotment of reserved coaches for journeys performed by railway employees and their families on privilege pass& passes/PTOs would be an amount as prescribed from time to time, which at present is Rs.10,000/- per coach.


Tourists are exempted from paying the Deposit for reserved carriage provided:-
i) They apply through recognized Tourist Agents who should give a guarantee to the Railways.
ii) Their journeys are sponsored or recommended by Indian Embassies abroad.
5. Reserved coaches are not guaranteed – Railway Administration do not guarantee reserved Carriages / Coaches by any particular train and will admit no claim for compensation for inconvenience, loss or extra expenses due to such accommodation not being provided or attached to trains by which asked for.
6. Parties requiring such accommodation need not be members of the same family.
7. The reservation of coach / special train will be on priority of date of registration i.e. application along with Security Deposit receipt duly forwarded by Station Manager / Station Master of originating station endorsing the M.R. No. and date of the Security Deposit.
8. Charges for Special Coaches / Special Trains will be computed point to point on the basis of full adult Mail / Express fare of the concerned class for the actual number of passengers traveling or the marked carrying capacity of the coach which ever is more + Security Deposit Charges + Services Charges + Empty Haulage Charges + Detention Charges @ prescribed from time to time.
9. The charges must be paid in full 48 hours in advance of the departure of the train to which Special Coach are to be attached failing which it will be deemed that the running of Special Coach has been countermanded by the organizers. The entire registration cum Security Deposit will be forfeited in this case. Same Rule is also applicable in the case of Special Train.
10. As prescribed from time to time the minimum Composition of Special Train at present is 15 coaches and minimum chargeable distance is 500 Kms for Mail / Express trains both for coach as well as special train.
11. No concession will be allowed for booking of Special Coaches. Charges will be recovered in full for children, students, Sr. Citizens etc.

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