Coaching codes

Coaching codes

Vehicle codes for Coaching stock:- The following code letters must be used to designate the
various designations of coaching stock in use:


Nature of stock Transportation Codes
1. Bogie first class F
2. Bogie first class with servants compartment FQ
3. Bogie first class with coupe compartment FC
4. Bogie first class with coupe and attendant compartment FCQ
5. Bogie second class (self generating) GS
6. Four wheeled first and second class EFS
(Zonal Railway Training Institute, Central Railway – Bhusawal)
7. Four wheeled first class EF
8. Bogie first and second class FS
9. Bogie first and second class with attendant compartment FSQ
10. Bogie first with coupe and second-class with attendant comp. FCSQ
11. Bogie first class AC and First class luggage and Brake comp. ACFLQ
12. Bogie first with coupe AC and FC and attendant compartment ACFQ
13. Bogie first class air conditioned FAC
14. Bogie fully air conditioned WAC
15. – do – with coupe and second FCSC
16. Bogie first and second class FS
17. Bogie first with coupe second luggage and brake FCSLR
18. Bogie first with coupe second FCS
19. – do – attendant compartment, luggage and brake FCSQLR
20. Four wheeled second class ES
21. Bogie second class 3 tier sleeping car (vestibule) WGSCN
22. Bogie second class S
23. – do – with permanent ladies compartment GSY
24. Bogie prison van VJ
25. Bogie lower class day cum sleeping car WGSCG
26. Four wheeled freight van of 4 wheeler luggage van EL
27. Bogie freight van or luggage van L
28. Four wheeled brake van with luggage compartment ELR
29. Bogie parcel van VP
30. Four wheeled parcel van EVP
31. Four wheeled fruit van EVF
32. Bogie luggage and brake van LR
33. Bogies second class luggage and brake van SLR
34. Bogie second and full postal van SPP
35. Bogie second class and 2/3rd postal van PPE
36. Bogie full postal van PP
37. Bogie second class and ¾th postal van PPI
38. Bogie luggage brake and full postal van LRPP
39. Bogie second and ¼th postal van PPQ
40. Bogie second and ½nd postal van PPH
41. Four wheeled prison van EVJ
42. Four wheeled refrigerator van EVR
43. Bogie dining car CD
44. Bogie kitchen car CK
45. Bogie inspection car CE
46. Bogie tourist car first class CT
47. Bogie tourist car second class CTT
48. Bogie state saloon for ministers or VIPs CR
(Zonal Railway Training Institute, Central Railway – Bhusawal)
49. Bogie inspection car (administrative) RA
50. Bogie inspection car (Jr. administrative) RB
51. Bogie subordinate carriage RD
52. Four / Six wheeled inspection car (Sr. Assistants) ERB
53. Four wheeled inspection car (Jr. Assistants) ERC
54. Four wheeled subordinate inspection car ERD
55. Bogie cinema cum exhibition car RPCB
56. Four wheeled mobile TXR van ERW
57. Four wheeled store van ERS
58. Bogie store van RS
59. Bogie accident tool or relief van RT
60. Four wheeled accident tool or relief van ERT
61. Four wheeled traveling charging or dynamo van ERM
62. Bogie traveling charging or dynamo van RM
63. Four wheeled crew rest van ERR
64. Bogie medical van or mobile dispensary van RH
65. Four wheeled medical van ERH
66. Four wheeled horse box (double) EHH
67. Mobile library van ERL
68. Four wheeled motor van EVK
69. Rail motor car, first class ZZF
70. Bogie military car vestibule WM
71. Bogie ward cum dining car air conditioned WACMRD
72. Bogie kitchen car MK
73. Bogie kitchen car Indian troops vestibule WML
74. Bogie dispensary car vestibule WMHRA
75. Bogie generator car vestibule WMRM
76. Bogie officers car MF
77. Bogie family car MR
78. Bogie air conditioned sick officers car WACMRA
Note: - 1. “Y” Suffixed to indicate permanent ladies compartment.
“Y” Prefixed to indicate suburban stock
“A” Prefixed to indicate articulated vehicle
“W” Prefixed to indicate vestibule vehicle
“G” Prefixed to indicate self generating equipment
2. In case two or three letters out of “Y” “A” “W” are to be used, they will
be shown in the above order when prefixing or suffixing to codes.
3. The code letters of each description of coaching vehicle are placed at each
end of the vehicle on the left bottom end panel at diagonally opposite
corners. The staff must refer to these code letters in case of doubt.

4. All coaching stock is vacuum braked.

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