Duty of Deputy Station Manager (Outdoor)

Duty of  
Deputy Station Manager (Outdoor)  

  1.  The Deputy Station Manager shall be responsible for general up-keep and proper working of the station as under
  2. He shall maintain safety literature, rule books, safety record. He shall counsel staff regarding rules and safety- systems 
  3.  He shall deal with public complaints and counsel commercial staff for courteous behavior.
  4.  He shall ensure right time placement and removal of terminating/originating trains and keep records in this regard and also keep a watch on Shunting operations. 
  5. He shall inspect gate, panel, station, regularly during his shift. 
  6.  He shall maintain close contact and co-ordination with Panel ASM and Log ASM for smooth running of trains and for better planning of operational work and will assist in case of any abnormal working. 
  7.  He shall promptly attend to any incident or accident and assist in relief measures during his duty. He shall collect all information and inform the Control office for required assistance, i.e., Relief Train, Medical Van etc. He shall also inform the local civil authorities as required and safe guard the clues or evidences which may be helpful in enquiry. 
  8.  In case of abnormal working, he shall be responsible for manual operation (Hand Cranking) of Points and piloting of trains. 
  9.  He shall ensure that all coaching trains scheduled to stop at the station, start within their allowed time. x) Whenever Special trains are arranged to run from his station, during his duty, he shall ensure that stock for the same is secured and placed on the proper line in time. 
  10.  He shall keep close supervision on sanitation. He shall inspect the platforms, waiting halls, waiting rooms & the track and see that the same are cleaned properly by the sanitary staff. 
  11.  He shall keep close watch on passenger amenities provided at station and their up keep. 
  12.  He shall look after any other work assigned to him by Station Manager, from time to time. 
  13.  In case of emergency he shall also perform duty on Panel/Log. 
  14.  All instructions received from superiors shall be recorded in an Order Book. Senior officers should confirm these through a control order to avoid ambiguity. All such instructions shall be implemented, provided these do not violate safety rules & procedures. 
  15.  He will perform all the duties of SS in his absence

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